HutchCC Athletic Training Facility Location

Main Athletic Training Room Offices
Hutchinson Sports Arena
Office Number - (620) 665-3553

Football and Track and Field - Gowans Stadium
Office Number - (620) 665-3324


Athletic Trainers

Coordinator of Sports Medicine Ryan Hilty ATC\L (620) 728-8197 Email:
Head Athletic Trainer Amanda Beadle MED, ATC\L (620) 665-3553 Email:
Assistant Athletic Trainer Allyssa Mohney MS, ATC\L (620) 728-8190 Email:
A staff member and/or student will be present at all contests





HutchCC Team Physician

An Orthopedist will be at all home football games.


Emergency Services

Available 24hours a day.
Ambulance Services (911) Ambulance will be onsite for all home football games.
Hutchinson Regional Hospital 1701 E 23rd Ave. Hutchinson Kansas.


Equipment and Supplies for Home Contests

Splints/Crutches - available if needed
Exam/taping table (Football)
Water/Cups (Locker Rooms Basketball and Football only)
Ice chest with loose ice, ice bags, and flexi wrap
Waterboys will be used for Football and Soccer contests
Water, Cups and Waste receptacle at each bench or designated area
AED will be present at home contest
MEDBED Gator (Football only)


Athletic Training Services

Visiting teams are invited to use the Athletic Training Room. It opens 1 ½ hours prior to the beginning of an event. The HutchCC Athletic Training staff will be available to tape visiting athletes upon request. All taping supplies need to be furnished by the visiting team. Whirlpool and moist heat treatments will be given upon request of the athlete’s Athletic Trainer or Head Coach. If your athletes require other treatments such as (e-stim, ultrasound, etc.) it must be accompanied by a written prescription from the teams Athletic Trainer or Physician from the team’s institution.